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Cardiac Tele-Rehabilitation

The CCO-CRC program now offers the streaming of live exercise classes and education capsules in an online webinar format (we ask participants to close their camera during virtual sessions).  

Join members of the team to move more and learn further about managing and preventing cardiovascular disease!

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Live Virtual ContentDescriptionScheduleRecurring TEAMS link
Chair workoutExercise while sitting on a chair, for participants with limited or reduced capacity.Every Monday, 10h to 10h30 On Chair
  Every Wednesday, 13h30 to 14h On Chair
Educative capsuleLectures on managing and preventing cardiovascular disease.Every Monday, 10h45 to 11h Capsule
Bodyweight workoutExercise with your own bodyweight, for participants with few limitations.Every Monday, 11h15 to 11h45 Bodyweight
  Every Wednesday, 14h15 to 14h45 Bodyweight

Virtual Exercise program:

Workout videos:

WARNING: These virtual exercise sessions are intended for participants of the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest Cardiac Rehabilitation Center who have had medical clearance to participate. If you have not received medical clearance, we strongly recommend you consult your physician to discuss this before participating in any exercise program. Before participating, make sure that you have the necessary physical health and skills to be able to do these exercises safely. You should also understand that participating in virtual exercise sessions carries a risk of physical injury, although the risk is low if you have received medical clearance and follow the instructions carefully. If you participate in a virtual session, you understand that it is at your own risk and that the CIUSSS Center-Ouest cannot be held responsible for any injury.  Make sure you have unencumbered space, a sturdy chair that leans against the wall or access to a counter, comfortable clothes, and proper shoes for exercise. Listen carefully to the instructions and have a good session!

Range of motion exercises:

A session to mobilize your joint and muscle during the earlier phase of rehabilitation, especially after a sternotomy (open-heart surgery) to regain freedom of movement et endurance for your upper and lower body. Shake off some of the rust and gain mobility with us!

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Stretching routine

A session to relax and stretch your body in a sitting and standing positions. We recommend doing stretches after being physically active (at least a 5min warm-up prior) as to work on heated muscles. For each position, aim for a constant feeling of tension in the target muscle, but without presence of pain. Regulars stretches can help improve flexibility and joint range of motion. 

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Chair exercises:

A session where exercise are executed on a chair or with its support for our participants with lower fitness, or more important joint limitations. Prepare a solid chair, good shoes and your walking aid if that applies. 

Bodyweight exercises:

Aimed for our active participants, this session uses your own bodyweight as a charge in a resistance training workout. Get ready to stay up, moving and maybe even sweating! Manage your pace to adjust intensity. Prepare a sturdy chair, good footwear and your water bottle!

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Seated cardio:

An entirely seated workout to get you some light to moderate exercise minutes. Pick your own pace to set the intensity. Prepare a sturdy chair, good footwear and your water bottle!

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This session aims to pump your cardio up by alternating on spot walking bouts with other cardio-flavored exercises. The workout requires to stand and have fair balance. Adjust your pace to the desired intensity. Prepare good footwear, unencumbered space to move and your water bottle!

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Educative capsule schedule and content

Capsules are scheduled continuously. If you missed a capsule, you will have the opportunity to view it again. Come back later to see the next series' scheduled. You can find the summary sheet for every presentation by clicking the capsule's title below. Some capsules have been recorded, find them in the next section to watch them whenever you want! 

 Managing cardiovascular riskJan 10, 2022

 Physical activity for cardiac health

Jan 17, 2022
 Exercising according to seasonsJan 24, 2022
 Hypertension prevention through lifestyleJan 31, 2022
 Panick attack or heart attack?Feb 7, 2022
Mindful eatingFeb 14, 2022
 Goal settingsFeb 21, 2022
 Sleeping hygieneFeb 28, 2022

Educative capsules (Schedule & recordings)

Resources for physical activity

 Resource guide for physical activity in the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest community (french)

 Scale of perceived exertion

    Web resources:

     Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec (to find a kinesiologist in your area)

     Physiotec (platform used by our kinesiuologist to create and share training program) 

     Move50plus (interactive platform containing a variety of training video created for 50+ year old participants, videos in french)

     Choosing a physical activity monitor (article in french from to decipher the world of exercise monitors)


    Resources for educative content

    Educational videos:

     Nitroglycerine usage protocol (Nitro pump)

     Monitoring blood pressure at home

     Blood pressure logbook

     Symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia in diabetic population

     Physical activity and Diabetes: Warnings and Safeguards

     Importance of Foot Care in Diabetes

     Smoking cessation CIUSSS West-Central

     Cardiac College (online platform from Toronto Rehab, educative content and cardiovascular rehabilitation guide available in french, english, spanish, portuguese, punjabi, hindi)

     Pulse Cardiac Health (cardiac rehabilitation program entierly virtual, paid program, english only)

     Diabetes Québec

     Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada

     Société québecoise de l'hypertension artérielle (Quebec hypertension society) (french website, content available in english)

     SCAD Alliance (group aiming for advancing science on spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) and support people affected by it)

     SCAD Alliance Youtube channel (educative videos with expert on SCAD)

     Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (information page by University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

     Guide for patients and family affected by SCAD (by University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

    Accessing the Centre

    The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is located within the Richardson Hospital, at the corner of Bessborough avenue and chemin Côte-Saint-Luc.

    Participants can use the parking spots indicated in yellow below when they access the hospital parking lot at 6440 chemin Côte-Saint-Luc (red star on plan).

    The parking is free for 2 hours when you grab a parking ticket at the booth near the entrance. You will need to log your license plate at the booth. We are located on the ground floor, room JR36.

    Parking is also available in the nearby streets, be sure to respect parking restrictions.


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