Valuable resources

Resources for physical activity

 Resource guide for physical activity in the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest community (french)

 Scale of perceived exertion

    Web resources:

     Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec (to find a kinesiologist in your area)

     Physiotec (platform used by our kinesiuologist to create and share training program) 

     Move50plus (interactive platform containing a variety of training video created for 50+ year old participants, videos in french)

     ParticipACTION (exercise videos, yoga, tonus, dance and more; Canadian goverment program to promote active lifestyle)


    Resources for educative content

     List of ressources for Women-focused cardiac rehabilitation education (Cardiac College - Toronto Rehabilitation Institute)

    Educational videos:

     Nitroglycerine usage protocol (Nitro pump)

     Monitoring blood pressure at home

     Blood pressure logbook

     Symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia in diabetic population

     Physical activity and Diabetes: Warnings and Safeguards

     Importance of Foot Care in Diabetes

     Smoking cessation CIUSSS West-Central

     Cardiac College (online platform from Toronto Rehab, educative content and cardiovascular rehabilitation guide available in french, english, spanish, portuguese, punjabi, hindi)

     Pulse Cardiac Health (cardiac rehabilitation program entierly virtual, paid program, english only)

     Diabetes Québec

     Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada

     American Heart Association (AHA) - Life's essential 8         (Summary Fact Sheet)

     Société québecoise de l'hypertension artérielle (Quebec hypertension society) (french website, content available in english)

     SCAD Alliance (group aiming for advancing science on spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) and support people affected by it)

     SCAD Alliance Youtube channel (educative videos with expert on SCAD)

     Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (information page by University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

     Guide for patients and family affected by SCAD (by University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

     TOUGO all Quebec platform (French only web content to learn to Move more, Eat better, and Feel better through lifestyle)

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