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WARNING: These virtual exercise sessions are intended for participants of the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest Cardiac Rehabilitation Center who have had medical clearance to participate. If you have not received medical clearance, we strongly recommend you consult your physician to discuss this before participating in any exercise program. Before participating, make sure that you have the necessary physical health and skills to be able to do these exercises safely. You should also understand that participating in virtual exercise sessions carries a risk of physical injury, although the risk is low if you have received medical clearance and follow the instructions carefully. If you participate in a virtual session, you understand that it is at your own risk and that the CIUSSS Center-Ouest cannot be held responsible for any injury.  Make sure you have unencumbered space, a sturdy chair that leans against the wall or access to a counter, comfortable clothes, and proper shoes for exercise. Listen carefully to the instructions and have a good session!

Video content descriptions are presented below each video. Exercise programs related to each videos are available in PDF format and can be downloaded/printed from the section below the videos.

Exercise programs and other physical activity video resource

Exercise program linked to video recordings:

 Mobilization/Range of motion                                 Stretching routine

 Chair exercises                                                                Seated Cardio

 Bodyweight exercises                                                  Walk-It-Out

 Elastic band exercises                                                 Dumbbell exercises


    Other physical activity videos resources:

     Move50plus (interactive platform containing a variety of training video created for 50+ year old participants, videos in french)

     ParticipACTION (exercise videos, yoga, tonus, dance and more; Canadian goverment program to promote active lifestyle)

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